Try this best 5 food in Seomun Market!

In the evening, Seomun Market will become a super lively night market where people gather and queue for delicious food! A variety of vendors selling different snacks from different countries, of course Korean food can also be found here!

First of all, Daegu is the city with the highest amount of flour used in Korea. Seomun Market is very crowded from day to night~ Especially in the middle of the first and fourth districts, there is a densely packed street vendors which are consistently selling noodles and noodles! The weather is getting cold, so it is the best to have a warm bowl of noodles to deal with the freezing air.

We recommend everyone to taste the Cube steak!  They stir fry with apricot mushrooms to make them more juicy. Also the fries and Korean fried rice where the west meets the east! Delicious and not greasy˜

Look at this grizzling pork belly! You are able to smell it from far away˜
Of course this is the must have in Seomun market! The Pork Belly Kimbab!
One roll is only 3,500won! Get one and share with your friends!

Next, the most popular grilled makchang, which is a kind of pork intestines.
If you want to eat makchang when you come to Daegu, Seomun Market is right place!!

After few savoury dishes its time to have some sweets.
Recently, the famous iron plate ice cream is also available in Seomun market.
There are lots of flavours, we ordered oreo chocolate ice cream and strawberry.
It is entertaining watching the staff making them.

Of course, there are much more delicious dishes in Seomun Market waiting for you to discover~ Get to Seomun market and try all the best out of it !

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