Don’t worry about the traffic!You can travel Daegu with just Metro!

When planning for a trip, transportation is the most important and time-consuming to collect information on how and when to get to the destination. What kind of transportation, where to change trains, details are very vital to plan accurate and well. But in Daegu, you do not have to worry much about transportation, you can get on the metro to go to most places! It … Continue reading Don’t worry about the traffic!You can travel Daegu with just Metro!

Let’s leave Busan for Daegu now!

How to travel between the main cities other than Seoul? Busan is the second huge city after Seoul, which is one of the most traveled cities especially on the Gyeongbu line, located about three hours away by KTX from Seoul Station. These two main cities can be easily reached through Incheon Airport or Gimhae Airport which located in the South. From this post, you will … Continue reading Let’s leave Busan for Daegu now!

Let’s take a K-travel bus from Seoul to Daegu!

Only for Foreigners! A bus tour from Seoul to Daegu for 2 Days 1 Night ! Last April, Daegu, Korea’s inland metropolitan city, has started to operate K-travel bus tour. It is a special bus tour serve mainly foreign tourists and is a collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It is a two-day regional tour package that encourages foreigners to visit different parts of Korea. This year 7 … Continue reading Let’s take a K-travel bus from Seoul to Daegu!

East Daegu Terminal, the Best Station Ever

I thought the transportation in Seoul and Busan is the best but East Daegu Complex Terminal Center is actually the heart of Korea’s transportation! Haha! In Korea, Daegu is in a very important position, it is not only the connection between Seoul and Busan but other famous places such as the traditional markets in Gyeong-ju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, linking to Gyeongsangnam-do Jinju’s Railway. Comparing to other main cities, … Continue reading East Daegu Terminal, the Best Station Ever

The City of Electric Cars

Beating Seoul and Busan. Daegu is Korea’s ‘Leading City of Electric Cars’ Korea is known as one of the most innovative countries in the world, it is possibly because there is a large population living in a small country with the growth of excellent technology. Recently, Korea is hoping to become one of leading countries that uses electric cars. Comparing to other countries, Korea has … Continue reading The City of Electric Cars

The New Heart of Korea

In this post, I am  introducing you the urban transportation in Daegu.  If you know all of this, you are probably the master of Daegu transportation ! Trip Advisor, the world’s largest travel information website, has said that when you travel Korea you should travel with public transportation. Real-time train arrival information, Wi-Fi connection on trains, heating and cooling systems, and multilingual guidance for travelers. Not … Continue reading The New Heart of Korea

Daegu International Airport

Planning a trip to Korea?  You can go to Daegu Airport instead of the famous Incheon Airport! Almost everyone visit Korea through landing at Incheon International Airport, however, I suggest you Daegu International Airport, it might be a better choice if you want to go to more places other than Seoul. Let me introduce you to Daegu~ Daegu is located in the center of Korea … Continue reading Daegu International Airport