Daegu brightens your winter night

Daegu have beautiful night views in four seasons but in winter nights, the city is full of colorful lightings which brightens up the city.

This is one of the landmarks of Daegu city, The Ark!  This place looks like a UFO or a whale to me. It is lighten up especially at night so you can see the totally different appearance of the architecture than the day. It also changes colors like a chameleon so it attracts people to visit and take lots of photographs at night.


The Ark is located in the suburb area in Daegu so if you want to enjoy a quiet night view within the city, visit the Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park. When you walk from Dongsung-ro, you will pass 2.28 Memorial Park and arrive at Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park, you will be surrounded by colorful flashing lights decorations.


This is the new hot place in Daegu! You can enjoy beautiful night views of Daegu at Songhae Park. The bridge over Okyeonji (옥연지) is called Baeksegyo (백세교) which means that you can live healthy until 100 years old if you walk through the bridge.
Baeksejeong Pavilion in the center are also illuminated romantically where you can enjoy a spectacular night walk!


The last but not least, Daegu’s amusement park, Eworld! LED Crystal Ball’s colorful starlit performance, paths and parks are all highlighted with lights! Enjoy the beautiful bright night views of Daegu with exciting rides!

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