Winter Itinerary for Daegu

Daegu is very famous for heatwaves in summer but are you curious how winter is like in Daegu? Let’s see what you can do in winter in Daegu! Ice skating ! Daegu’s Sincheon is famous for its clear water and in winter there will be a large skating rink built to let people skate in the cold! It will only be until January 27, 2019! … Continue reading Winter Itinerary for Daegu

Daegu EXCO Robot Expo

From November 14th to 17th, the 7th Daegu International Robot Industry Expo was held in EXCO the International Convention and Exhibition Center. Enterprises have set up booths to show how industrial technology work, it has attracted a large number of related companies to visit and purchase as well. Busan has BEXCO International Convention and Exhibition Center and Daegu has EXCO International Convention and Exhibition Center. The … Continue reading Daegu EXCO Robot Expo

Are you ready to visit Daegu in 2019?

It is almost 2019! Koreans love to see the first sunrise on the 1st of January with people they love. There are many famous places to see the rising sun in Daegu. Let me introduce you to some of best spots to see Daegu’s sunsets. Dongchon Sunrise Bridge/Ahyang Railroad are both close enough to travel back and forth. They are popular among people love cycling. … Continue reading Are you ready to visit Daegu in 2019?

Daegu brightens your winter night

Daegu have beautiful night views in four seasons but in winter nights, the city is full of colorful lightings which brightens up the city.   This is one of the landmarks of Daegu city, The Ark!  This place looks like a UFO or a whale to me. It is lighten up especially at night so you can see the totally different appearance of the architecture … Continue reading Daegu brightens your winter night

Try this best 5 food in Seomun Market!

In the evening, Seomun Market will become a super lively night market where people gather and queue for delicious food! A variety of vendors selling different snacks from different countries, of course Korean food can also be found here! First of all, Daegu is the city with the highest amount of flour used in Korea. Seomun Market is very crowded from day to night~ Especially in … Continue reading Try this best 5 food in Seomun Market!

Daegu Alleys Tour!

What do you usually shop in Korea? Cosmetics? Clothes? Here in Daegu, they have alleys where they sell glasses, socks and shoes! Lets have a look! The Eyewear Alley – 안경골목 80% of Korea’s eyewear industry gathered in Daegu, you can get high quality glasses at a decent price especailly in Buk-gu eyewear alleys! The Socks Alley – 양말골목 You never stop buying socks! This … Continue reading Daegu Alleys Tour!

Dreamy Korean concept wedding photos in Daegu

Are you tying the knot with someone you love? Or any of your friends are? Korean wedding dresses are becoming more popular because of dreamy Korean dramas, lots of couples are traveling to Seoul to get their pre wedding photographs taken.   But in fact, we are going to introducing you Daegu where she holds the largest wedding fair, which is famous in the wedding … Continue reading Dreamy Korean concept wedding photos in Daegu

The Best 5 Restaurants in Dongseongro!

Daegu is famous for its delicious food and here we are introducing the best 5 restaurants! See which of these restaurants are your favourite! 막창도둑 (Makchang Doduk) If you go to Daegu, you definitely have to try makchang! Here they grill the pork intestines flat like slices of pork you get in other restaurants. In this restaurant, you can have as much ramyeon as you … Continue reading The Best 5 Restaurants in Dongseongro!

Deongseong-ro Beauty Land in Daegu!

Dongseongno, Daegu is a place just like Myeong-dong in Seoul! There are a lot of clothing stores, accessories, cosmetics stores, various shopping attractions, I will show you the beauty shops in this area! You can definitely find famous Korean brands such as Innisfree, Etude House, Nature Republic, Missha, etc.   Aritaum is also one of the brands that many people know about. Not only Aritaum, but … Continue reading Deongseong-ro Beauty Land in Daegu!

You can enjoy at Korean oriental medicine market as well!

This 350-year-old traditional medicine market in Daegu  is not only famous for its medicinal herbs but they also produce and sell their own herbs ! Gyeongsangbuk-do, next to Daegu, is still a region with the most Korean medicinal materials and these herbs will be sold in the Daegu Yangnyeong market. The shops which were founded at the time, their traces are still here, standing still. … Continue reading You can enjoy at Korean oriental medicine market as well!