Daegu Alleys Tour!

What do you usually shop in Korea? Cosmetics? Clothes? Here in Daegu, they have alleys where they sell glasses, socks and shoes! Lets have a look!

The Eyewear Alley – 안경골목

80% of Korea’s eyewear industry gathered in Daegu, you can get high quality glasses at a decent price especailly in Buk-gu eyewear alleys!

The Socks Alley – 양말골목
You never stop buying socks! This socks alley in Daeshin-dong where you can buy many kinds of socks in low prices.  Get some warm socks for this winter!

Handmade Shoes Alley – 수제화골목
Recently Hyangchon Handmade Shoes Center (향촌수제화센터) has opened, feel free to visit exhibition halls, the leather workshops and activities which are related to shoes! The streets are filled with handmade shoes, so stop by and you might find your favourite shoes!

When you travel to Daegu, stop by these three alleys to find your treasures!

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