Korean oriental facial experience in Daegu!

Let me bring you straight to this facial experience! Here is the facial clinic:

Although there are many places for skin health management in Daegu, but here is not the normal beauty clinics, this is where you will have a Korean oriental facial experience!

Before having your facial, you will first meet with one of the doctors one-on-one. Through communication, you will get a deeper understanding of your current skin condition and the treatment you will need.
Recently, most of the people has become very sensitive skin because the dry weather. The doctor recommended me the most popular facial treatment.

After the meeting, you will have to change to comfortable clothes and ready to for your treatment. They will first give you a cleansing process.

Then massage with a hot steam towel and start the process of exfoliating.
After removing deep keratin, they will apply a special essence to start a treatment for improve elasticity with a high-frequency machine, which is very helpful for eliminating wrinkles!

The next one is a bit painful! This step is the placenta injection, the nutrients in the placenta are all absorbed into the facial skin which is very helpful for whitening and skin elasticity. Very thin needle tip gently sewed in various parts of the face, although there is pain, but it can still be tolerated~

The next step is facial acupuncture with 30 to 60 silver needles which is helpful for the blood circulation and enhance face contour.  Other than face acupuncture, the doctor will also hold moxibustion on the stomach. Moxibustion will make the body warm as to improve immunity and promote blood circulation and improve sleep condition.

After all the process, the last step is a soothing mud mask to let the skin cool down and hold together. The cosmetics are all made by with Korean oriental medicines, even the sunscreen and BB cream as well!

This is my experience at the facial treatment! I hope you liked it. See you on the next blog post! Thank you

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