Let me bring you to all the fun places in Daegu!

Today let me show you different kinds of theme parks they have in Daegu! Let’s put away the delicious food a side and focus on our theme for now!

Spa Valley (스파밸리) has a outdoor pool for summer and  a warm spring pool in winter! You can enjoy this place in every season! Unlike other water parks, Spa Valley has better water quality, It moisturise your skin and heal to relieve stress. After a day of shopping in Daegu, visit Spa Valley to heal your soul.


Daegu Stadium / 대구 스타디움) Enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, cool in summer, beautiful maple leaves in autumn and art galleries and cinemas in winter. Daegu Stadium with different charms can be felt and enjoy all year round~ Nothing more, just come over for a walk and enjoy the nature 🙂  Also, Samsung Lions baseball stadium (삼성라이온즈파크) is nearby, so you may consider get there together with Daegu Stadium.


Alive Aquarium is a must visit in this cold winter, staying indoors of course the best choice is Korea’s winter. Not only you can see a wide variety of aquatic creatures, but there are also different exhibition halls and spaces where you are enjoy performances! The aquarium is located in the Sinsaegae Department Store which is  near Dongdaegu Station~ so you can enjoy shopping with good food and shows in aquarium!

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