1 Night 2 Days Daegu Itinerary!

Are you thinking to visit other places besides Seoul and Busan? Today, we will recommend a two-day, one-night tour of Daegu! Come with us!

For bunch, we recommend you having one of the 10 Tastes of Daegu – Dda Ro Guk Bab (따로국밥) which you can choose to eat with noodles or rice with soup.

Dongseong Road is known as Daegu’s Myeong-dong, it is certainly one of the must-go places if you desire to do some shopping! It is a right place for cosmetics and clothes, very energetic place!

The 350-year-old Daegu Yangnyeong Market where they sell Korean Oriental medicines and lots of oriental clinics around the corner! The Korean Medicine Museum is also located on this street, remember not to miss it!

Of course, don’t miss the chance to drink Korean tea. This “쌍화군 라떼양” cafe can taste Korean traditional teas in decent prices! They are selling tea bags as well! If you came across a tea flavour which you want to bring home, feel free!

When it comes to Daegu, you can’t miss fried chicken and beer!! You can also find a lot of pubs and restaurants along Dongseong Road~

And of course you have to spend your night at the night version of Seomun Market.
Not only it opens on the day, the opens at night with wide variety of foods! join the Koreans and enjoy delicious hot food at the market!

On the next morning ! Let’s start from Kim Gwang Seok Road!  Get to any cafe that you prefer and have a brunch there to kick off the day! Walk around the area of Kim Gwang Seok Road, there are lots of independent shops and stores which you may found interesting! Take lots of photos in front of wall paintings too!

For lunch, go to Shisaegae Department Store! Dont worry about the menu, choose your dish from the window! After your meal, it is great to shop and walk around the department store to look at Korean designers clothes or shop made in Korea!
If you spend 30,000 won or more, dont forget to refund your taxes!

After lots of walking and eating, you may want to relac at a Korean cosmetics store Sky Lake, where you can personally make your own Korean cosmetics. If you want to know more, here is a detailed blog post about this venue!  About SKY LAKE 

Lastly, for dinner, you will want to try the famous Daegu stewed pork ribs in restaurant Geosong (거송)!It is a very popular restaurant, you wont regret to give it a go ! You better go earlier than 5 or 6 in the evening, there will be a long long queue!

Thank you ! I hope you love this itinerary for Daegu 1 Night 2 Days short trip!
I will see you on the next blog post!


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