It is safe to travel alone in Daegu! Plan you own visit!

If you don’t want to plan a trip for you and your friends, Just want to leave everything and go on a trip alone. Daegu could be a choice for you!  Leave everything behind and take a rest from the work and the fast pace city. Here is an itinerary suggestion for you!


First Day. After arriving at Dongdaegu Station, get yout stomach filled with delicious lunch boxes at the station!  Kyungpook National University Hospital in the next station you want to go! Rent a bicycle for free! Foreigners can leave their passports to guarantee you are returning your bicycle~

You can go to Sincheon near Kyungdae Hospital Station. There’s a bike path, so you can cycle along the river and feel the breeze which will make you feel calm and free.
You can return the bike by 8 p.m. The head to Banwoldang Station to the Eco Hanbang Well-being Experience Center! Where there are eco-friendly activities to promote how we can protect our environment on Earth. You can also heal your mental health with oriental tea and get a massage as well.

Then walk to Dongseong-ro for dinner! The menu is Jjimgalbi, a iconic food of Daegu!

Get some spicy steamed beef ribs! Yummy! After you fill your stomach, shop at Dongsung-ro !  Lots of stores closes at 10pm so beware!

Second day
In the morning, let’s start a day with fresh air and greens! Daegu Arboretum is the best place! There are lots of cactus, lawns, and flowers in the arboretum, as much as you want to see!

The famous Samgyetang for lunch!

Next stop will be Daegu Culture and Arts Center.

Nest is Sueongmeot Lake!

The weather was nice with cool breeze, enjoy your  walk!

And end your trip with some Bulgogi!

Daegu could be a choice for you when you choose to travel alone in Korea! Dont get to worry about it! Information center could help and people in Daegu are friendly!  Have a leisure trip in Daegu!

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