2018 Daegu Photo Biennale where Korea breaks out of the box


The 2018 Daegu Photo Biennale is the largest photo event in Korea. Daegu Photo Biennale is one of the three most popular biennale festivals in Korea.

The Daegu Photo Biennale started in October 2006 and has returned to Korea with the slogan “Frame Freely.” which means ‘unconstrained freedom’.

The 2018 Daegu Photo Biennale is composed of 13 exhibition rooms with different themes.

This year’s biennale has a collecting stamps event. For those who have collected more than 10 samples from the Daegu Gallery Association Planning Photo Exhibition and the Fringe Festival Exhibition, two free tickets were gifted to the 2018 Daegu Photo Biennale as prizes.

Get to Daegu for next year’s Daegu Photo Biennale!

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