Don’t worry about the traffic!You can travel Daegu with just Metro!

When planning for a trip, transportation is the most important and time-consuming to collect information on how and when to get to the destination. What kind of transportation, where to change trains, details are very vital to plan accurate and well.

But in Daegu, you do not have to worry much about transportation, you can get on the metro to go to most places! It has a better system, trains cleaner than Seoul, It did not cause any death or casualties in the past five years, receiving a Grade 1 earthquake safety index and recorded as the Korea’s best metro system that has the highest customer satisfaction index for 10 consecutive years. Don’t you want to know more about what Daegu’s metro system is like?


There are three metro lines running in Daegu. If you are planning to travel Daegu today or for those of you who are interested, I am going to introduce you each metro line and the main tourist spots that you can reach.


  • Metro Line 1 that connects Daegu’s major tourist attractions directly from East Daegu.

Metro Line 1 extended from East Daegu Station, runs from the southwest to the east of the city. You are able to get to Dong Seong-ro or Apsan Café alley, Anjirang beef tripe alley.


Get off at Banwoldang Station to go to the most popular street Dong Seong-ro. The name Banwoldang, was the name of Daegu’s first ever department store, it was always crowded as it was the center of Daegu.


Other than Dongseong Road, Line 1 has several of famous spots like the Apsan Park Observation Deck, Apsan Café Street and Anjirang beef tripe alley where you can enjoy a wide range of attractions and foods. In Anjirang beef tripe alley, you are able to taste Korean style beef or pork intestines, it is one of the most famous and popular dish in Daegu.


It is also great to have deserts after the main courses. The Apsan café alley right next to the Anjirang alley has 40 or more cafes, they each have different concepts and special menus which is fun to have few and compare!


  •  Metro Line 2, which brings you on a tour of all landmarks in Daegu

The Line 2 of the Daegu Metro runs from the west to southeast side of the city. You can even take a road trip to Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang Province which is right next to Daegu.


Especially on Line 2, you are able to visit the main landmark of Daegu. Getting off at Duryu Station, you are able to go to 83 Tower, which is also frequently shown on Korean TV programs. This 202m high landmark in Daegu can show you the best view of the city. It is like a brother of Seoul’s Namsan Tower, where you can enjoy skyjumping right on top of it. There is ‘E-World’ theme park under the tower where lots of teenagers and couples enjoy going.


Getting off at Daesil Station, you are able to see The Arc by the world-famous architect, Hani Rashid. The Arc is a cultural complex space which has 4 floors from Level 3 to Basement Level. On the B1 level, there are 2 exhibition halls which shows the history of Nakdong River and how it is developed until now. On the 3rd floor observatory, you are able to view the longest river Nakdong River that passes through Daegu and Busan!

Especially at night, colorful lights will be shooting on the exterior of The Arc and it is a photo spot for visitors. To get to The Arc, get off at Daesil Station Exit 3 and walk roughly 300m, you will see the huge architecture!

  • Line 3, The Sky Rail in Daegu

Daegu Metro Line 3 runs from the north of Daegu to Jung-gu which is a mono rail train. It is also called ‘Sky Rail’ as well as Line 3. Getting on Line 3 will be great to view the city of Daegu.The train runs without a driver so you are able to be in the very front and have a view of a operator of the train.


Along Line 3, you can visit Daegu’s representative market, Seomun Market. Seomun Market is a Korean traditional market in the day. But when it gets dark it transforms to a tourist night market. Don’t forget to visit these places when you are in Daegu!


Seomun Market is where you can taste more than 10 kinds of Korean food. Noodles with flat dumplings are the best, people in Daegu absolutely love it! Don’t forget to try some before leaving Daegu!

Tip) Purchase tickets and prices

Of course, you have to buy a ticket to board on the Daegu city railway. Although Daegu Metropolitan Railway offers the best facilities, it is the cheapest metro in Korea. You have to pay additional fee in Seoul or Busan but in Daegu, it only costs a uniform price of 1,400 Korean won.



When you purchase a ticket on any ticketing machines, select a destination and ticket will be issued. Procedure will be done. Tourists often take photos of the ticket and posts it on social networking sites because the ticket is a round and cute token! This token is the best design of a form of ticket as it doesn’t damage or get folded when you chuck it in your bag or pocket, it is able to use more than 10 million times as well. A cute and tiny coin has the best design. This is why some of the tourists carry the token away as a souvenir but actually you have to return after using it.

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