Enjoy 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia in Daegu !

Enjoy 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia in Daegu !


FIFA World Cup is ongoing in Russia! Which team are you shouting for?

Team Korea has made it to the finals! Whole Korea is full of hope and excitement! Lots and lots of people gathered in parks and fields where they can shout for Team Korea together to show Koreans spirit!

Koreans cheering was started from the Korea VS Japan match in 2002 World Cup and the cheering got viral worldwide. By that time, if Team Korea got a match to play, thousands of thousands of people gathered and streamed World Cup in front of a huge screen! And of course this year’s World Cup, Koreans cheered the same as before! Especially in Daegu! We gathered in a baseball field to enjoy the match! Last week, Korea lost in the match versus Sweden (0:1) on 18 June 2018.


Daegu citizens wore red cheering tee shirts and gathered at every corner at the Baseball Stadium, Daegu Samsung Lions Park. Sitting in front of the LED screen with huge speakers like everyone were supporting in Russia!


When the match started, everyone cheered ‘DAE~HAN MIN GUK!’!!! Team Korea players tried their best to catch the ball and rush to the goal! Everyone no matter they are kids, parents, couples or elderlies, they shouted and cheered so hard to hope for the best for Team Korea!

Although Korea lost the match to Sweden, everyone will gathered here again for the next match!

Daegu government has extended the running times of the metro so everyone can still get home safely after the match.



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