The best route to meet the old and new at the same time! From Daegu to GyeongJu!

According to different surveys, lots of people travel for wanting to have more experience.

More people want to visit places where they can feel the traditional from the history itself not places that are famous and full of tourists. The survey on global leading online accommodation site shows that 35%of 6788 people are willing to go to suburbs or rural areas to enjoy the nature outside the city.




Applying this new travel trend in Korea, where do you think is the best place outside Seoul?

I think Daegu and GyeongJu could be the answer. Daegu is located between Seoul and Busan, travelers are able to take a bus or get on a train to travel to GyeongBuk, the northern part of Gyeongsang Province. And GyeongJu is one of the city. GyeongJu is Korea’s most traditional and historical city, the historic traces have been well preserved.

Let me introduce you this Daegu-GyeongJu tour!




Daegu International Airport is the best and fastest terminal where you want to travel through Daegu and the south part of Korea. For this reason, Daegu’s international passenger traffic recorded 337,838 passengers last year, comparing to the previous year, it has an increase of 57.3 %. Below are the flights newly added in Daegu International Airport. T-Way Airlines launched a new route from Daegu to Vladivostok, flights to Cebu, Philippines, Hong Kong, Okinawa, Osaka will also be increased accordingly.

For more detailed info (

It takes 7km from Daegu International Airport to Daegu City Hall. Dong Seong-ro is the most popular shopping area in Daegu which is nearby City Hall. It is the hottest place in Daegu, teenagers can find anything there in department store and brand names.




In this place, clothes sell at a lower price as well as being unique that none of those could be found in the hug department store nearby. 83 Tower is a trademark recommended to visit nearby Dong Seong-ro. E-world that is under 83 Tower is a place appears a lot in Korean TV programs and shows that it is famous worldwide. The day and night view of Daegu city from above is always amazing.





If you visit E-world, it is a must to go on the rides right? If you don’t have much time to get on every ride, go to Mega Swing 360 first! It is one of the most attraction got the longest queues, it goes right and left like a boomerang with 5.2g of weight.



When you got most of Daegu while shopping and enjoying in E-World, let’s see what you can do in Gyeong Ju! Gyeong Ju has preserved Korean’s traditions in all ways. To go to GyeongJu, get on a express bus at Dong Daegu Station to Gyeong Ju Express Bus Terminal OR get on a train to Gyeong Ju. It takes 50mins by bus and 16mins by train.




If you ask Koreans where to go to GyeongJu, they will answer you ‘Bulguksa Temple’.

Bulguksa Temple was designated as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO in 1995. It is home to many important cultural relics such as Dabotap Pagoda (National Treasure No. 20). The beauty of the temple itself and the artistic touch of the stone relics are known throughout the world.


You can have leisure walks around the lotus ponds and gardens to enjoy the energy from Korea’s national treasures. Bulguksa Temple has also been famous for its night view, it has a total different feeling. When the sun sets and the lights on, the lotus pond reflects the golden light which makes the world looks gold and yellow. It is stunning and don’t miss it if you are planning to Gyeong Ju!




This is it for today’s sharing blog on Daegu and GyeongJu. Daegu and Gyeong Ju does not spend a lot of time on travel. In Daegu you can feel the modern side and in Gyeong Ju for the traditional and historical side. It is best to stay at least 2 days one night to travel both cities!





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