Do you know any ridiculously beautiful people from Daegu?

People form Daegu is famous for being ridiculously beautiful because entertainers and singers from Daegu are all pretty, male or female. For instance, V and Suga from BTS are the most recognizable singers. Besides them, there are lots of stars have raised the standard of ‘Daegu’s beauty’. Do you know any famous people from Daegu? Let me show you some of them!


Song hye-gyo, who is the most ordinary Daegu’s beauty. She debuted in 1996 and still kept her beauty until now. She was born in Dalseo district in Daegu, she was famous and popular around downtown since then.



Recently in Korean drama ‘Something in the Rain’ (밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나), she had been talked about a lot about her appearance. She is Son Ye-jin who has been the representative of Daegu’s beauty. She went to primary, secondary school in Daegu, then she got to acting from dramas to movies since then.



One of the top Kpop girl groups, Red Velvet’s leader named Irene. She got her innocent looks with charismatic character which wins lots of fans. She also went to primary and secondary schools in Daegu and now being one of the famous singers from Daegu.



Korea’s famous actor – Yoo A-in is from Daegu’s west district. He act on loads of dramas and movies with his amazing acting skills that gives people goose bumps. Especially he crowned the Best Actor at 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2015.




Finally the last but not the least, Another member from kpop boy group. Shinee’s Key. Key has debuted as a singer in a 5 membered boy group, Shinee. He also started to act along his career and he is now a famous singer/entertainer/idol from Daegu who also spend his childhood from primary to secondary schools in Daegu.


Did you know all of them are from Daegu before? Get to Daegu to know more about their childhood and history!


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