Daegu, the City of Medical Tourism

Daegu is Korea’s representative medical tourism city,
Let me tell you the reasons why many foreign patients came to visit.

According to a recent government official announcement, there were 20,000+ foreign patients visited Daegu and the numbers exceeded for the second year in a row. This was a positive result of Korea’s downward growth in tourism last year which is drawing much attention from the nation.


Last year, while the number of foreign patients visiting Korea was 321,000 which has decreased 12% from 364,000 foriegn patients in 16 years ago, last year’s number of foreign patients visiting Daegu has increased 3.6% (21,876 patients).

To attract more foreign patients, Daegu government has managed various medical tourism services which tailored to each country. For instance, Japan (oriental medicine), Vietnam and Thailand (skin), and Russia (health examination). Government has also conducted overseas marketing activities such as linking direct flights to Daegu. The direct flights includes Tokyo, Osaka, Vietnam, Danang, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong.



The city of Daegu is heading for Medicity Daegu. Medicity Daegu has Korea’s best medical services, local medical institutions are joining forces to enhance the service quality.

Daegu City currently has about 3,200 medical institutions and 27,000 medical personnel. The medical infrastructure is the representative medical city of Korea which is already recognized as one of the world’s leading cities in research and treatment of incurable diseases. It is also possible to experience medical benefits more fast in pace and easily based on the excellent transportation in Korea such as KTX and Daegu International Airport.

Daegu is developing into a world-class medical city along with 44 medical institutions, including health examination, beauty treatment, plastic surgery and dentistry.

Information on medical services and medical tourism in Daegu is available on the website below.


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