2018 Daegu ChiMac Festival

Daegu the original of Korean fried chicken? 2018 Daegu ChiMac Festival

Koreans always enjoy having fried chicken. An adult intake more or less 24 fried chickens a year, about two fried chickens a month. In Korean culture, movies and dramas, including ‘ My Love from the Stars’ frequently featured having Korean-style fried chicken with beer which is the most popular combination in this country.


Daegu City is considered the home of fried chicken in Korea. Daegu is the place where huge factories of poultry business has been thriving, and the most of the famous franchise fried chicken restaurants such as BBQ Chicken, Pelicana, Mexican, Kyochon Chicken, Goobne chicken were all from Daegu.

This festival is held every year in Daegu to remind tourists, Daegu is the city of fried chicken. The ChiMac Festival (Chi is for Chicken and Mac is for Beer in Korean) attracted 880,000 visitors last year, and they are expecting this year will attract more people to Daegu!

This year’s Daegu ChiMac Festival will be held for 4 days from July 18 to 22 at Duryu Park. Hundreds of thousands of chickens have been prepared for the festival, chicken and beer will be enjoyed with performances this year.

During the festival period, you can enjoy perfect signature fried chickens from franchise stores as well as special and unique flavored fried chickens from local fried chicken restaurants. There will be a variety of different types of chicken, from basic fried chicken, Korean hot pepper paste sauce fried chicken to ribs sauce fried chicken.

You cannot have fried chicken without beer in Korea!

At the festival, handcrafted beer and international beer booths will be displayed. In particular, there will be a Chimac Global Zone prepared, the festival is expected to attract foreigners to join and there will be customized menus and language proficiency for foreigners as well!

At the 2018 Daegu Chi Mac Festival, don’t forgot to bring your ID cards along with you, so that you can get yourself a beer with fried chicken! But to minors, it is strictly prohibited. Since one million people visited the festival last year, public transportation can reduce traffic congestion. To get to the festival! You can get off at Duryu Station on subway line No. 2 in Daegu.

Enjoy the music festival on the green grass with chicken and beer! Plan your trip to Daegu in the coming summer if you want to make a whole new experience in a Korean summer night with new people.


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