Daegu brightens your winter night

Daegu have beautiful night views in four seasons but in winter nights, the city is full of colorful lightings which brightens up the city.   This is one of the landmarks of Daegu city, The Ark!  This place looks like a UFO or a whale to me. It is lighten up especially at night so you can see the totally different appearance of the architecture … Continue reading Daegu brightens your winter night


Jot down these secret cafés in Daegu!   

When traveling overseas, you may plan to visit the trademarks to fill out your itinerary. It will be more perfect to rest in local cafes with drinks and sweets before your next stop! In Daegu, there are lots of cafes and interiors where you can’t help but take photographs. Let’s enjoy an ice latte to start off this café tour! The first café I want … Continue reading Jot down these secret cafés in Daegu!   

Canola Blossom in Daegu

Although Spring has almost gone. Let me show you the Canola flowers in Korea. They were in full blossom in HaJungdo, which was located in Daegu, Korea. One of Daegu’s popular places, HaJungdo, was all covered with full bloomed Canola flowers. Tourists are crowded to take photos with the spring flowers. Hajungdo had planted yellow Canola flowers across 98,500 m2 of land, painting the entire … Continue reading Canola Blossom in Daegu