Winter Itinerary for Daegu

Daegu is very famous for heatwaves in summer but are you curious how winter is like in Daegu? Let’s see what you can do in winter in Daegu!



Ice skating !
Daegu’s Sincheon is famous for its clear water and in winter there will be a large skating rink built to let people skate in the cold! It will only be until January 27, 2019!
Even if it is cold outdoors, it will be fun to skate with friends and family, isn’t it?
Enjoy an outdoor skating time for 1000 won (including ice skates rental)

After you enjoyed skating in the cold, lets warm up in the spa!
That is Elybaden (앨리바덴) where you can enjoy in steam rooms and the hot springs!
There are lots of pools with water facilities to enjoy with your loved ones! Lots of indoor activities to stay away from the cold!


After the hot springs, what about some sweets now?
Winter is the peak season for strawberries. Korea is crazy about them and have loads of products and menus all made with strawberries! Dig it to it !

E-world Starlight Festival, one of the celebrations that must-go in winter especially for couples! The event will be held until 31st Decemeber~ so be sure to come before it ends!


Although it is a cold in winter, let’s take photos to record some unforgettable memories in this year-end. Enjoy your winter in Daegu with lots of love and lights.


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