Daegu EXCO Robot Expo

From November 14th to 17th, the 7th Daegu International Robot Industry Expo was held in EXCO the International Convention and Exhibition Center. Enterprises have set up booths to show how industrial technology work, it has attracted a large number of related companies to visit and purchase as well.


Busan has BEXCO International Convention and Exhibition Center and Daegu has EXCO International Convention and Exhibition Center. The interior style of the Daegu’s EXCO Convention and Exhibition Center is quite similar to BEXCO. The facilities and functions are also supported by foreign language support. The Center is only 10 minutes away  from Dongdaegu Station.

Yaskawa Electric Co. Ltd manufactured dust-free LCD screens and provided solutions for factories at home and abroad. From large to small robot parts, they also showed real-time identification but also accurate installation and placement with these huge blue robot arms.

In addition, entertainment robots and the booming UAV industry has emerged together recently and nowadays drone industry are popularised as well. Industrial drones are used on transportation, agriculture, drone spraying pesticides is highly efficient, the cost is much lower than aerial spraying with aircrafts. In addition, there are many drones for security, hobbies and video photography as well.


To the enterprise, they aimed at students, society and even the all over the world through technology to change and create better living. So for students and people who came to visit, staff had explained every person’s enquiry one by one.

VR/AR Booth has the longest queue in the exhibition, people queued up for experience the thrills with the VR glasses on. In the exhibition hall, there are 200 booths from over 75 companies. There are refreshments and beverages at the resting area.


Strong and powerful robotic arm is so accurate, it performed how to install small parts of a vehicle which is amazing.

The robotic arm has attracted many people to stop and watch. At the top of the arm is a very flexible part like a human arm. This is used for medical purposes, treatments, disaster relief, etc. If these can be popularized in life in the future, it will definitely improve the efficiency of our lifes.

This is where you can know more about current technology of the robot industry which it quite practical and things surrounding us. Please visit the websites to find out more .


Robot Expo http://www.robex.or.kr/kor/

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