Are you ready to visit Daegu in 2019?

It is almost 2019! Koreans love to see the first sunrise on the 1st of January with people they love. There are many famous places to see the rising sun in Daegu. Let me introduce you to some of best spots to see Daegu’s sunsets.

Dongchon Sunrise Bridge/Ahyang Railroad are both close enough to travel back and forth. They are popular among people love cycling. Lots of Korean people love to enjoy the sunset with a cup of hot coffee on the Ayang Railroad.

Palgong Mountain is a famous place in Daegu where you can enjoy autumn the best, its snowy winter scenes are also amazingly beautiful. Palgong Mountain’s Gatbawi is a famous place where many people visit and pray for something important to them. Visit the Gatbawi to make a wish for yourself and your loved ones for the New Year.

If you have ever traveled to Daegu or planning to do so, Apsan observatory should be one of your stops in Daegu! It is a good spot to view the city high above everyone! What about starting a new year watching the rising sun from Apsan observatory where also you can see Daegu at a glance?

Lastly, you can hear the bell ringing at the Gukchae Bosang Memorial Park that will be held on the last day of 2018 to the January 1, 2019! Ding Ding Ding~ Let’s listen to the ringing bell and welcome 2019!

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