Dreamy Korean concept wedding photos in Daegu

Are you tying the knot with someone you love? Or any of your friends are?
Korean wedding dresses are becoming more popular because of dreamy Korean dramas, lots of couples are traveling to Seoul to get their pre wedding photographs taken.

But in fact, we are going to introducing you Daegu where she holds the largest wedding fair, which is famous in the wedding industry. At the fair, any enquiries from choosing the auditorium to makeup to hanbok, can be solved!

According to the Daegu-certified wedding company, many well-known photographers in Seoul are actually from Daegu, and Daegu can be said to be the cradle of famous photographers!
Daegu International Airport has a lot of direct flights to Hong Kong, Japan, China and other regions. The short haul flights are cheaper than other parts of South Korea.
The shooting costs are also much cheaper than Seoul~ In addition to shooting, you can travel and spend less money!
Especially on the Kim Gwang Seok Road, there is a alley called “Wedding Alley”!

There are hanbok stores, tailor shops, and many wedding dress shops.
Recently, the self-service wedding banquet is also very popular, so there are places for rental to ‘self-wedding’, help your self to have a small and cozy ceremony in the wild!


Other than wedding street, beautiful places such as Cheongna Hill, Kyemyung University and Daegu Arboretum are also places where couples took their pre- wedding photographs~
Even if you are not getting married, it is still beautiful to take photographs here! With your friends and family 🙂


Come to Daegu and make your best memories here with the ones you cherish in life.

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