The Best 5 Restaurants in Dongseongro!


Daegu is famous for its delicious food and here we are introducing the best 5 restaurants! See which of these restaurants are your favourite!

막창도둑 (Makchang Doduk)

If you go to Daegu, you definitely have to try makchang! Here they grill the pork intestines flat like slices of pork you get in other restaurants. In this restaurant, you can have as much ramyeon as you can!
Address : 대구 중구 중앙대로 81길 32

중화반점 (Joong Hwa Ban Jeom)

In the 10 Tastes of Daegu, this Chinese restaurant serves Yakiudon which is being introduced on Korean television then it became famous. You can try mixing the Jjajang noodle and yakiudon together to have a spicy jjajang noodle combination!
Address : 대구 중구 남일동 92

식구 (Sik Gu)

If you want to have Korean home dishes, you can visit this place. The atmosphere and design is simple and warm where you can come and enjoy a meal alone.
Address : 대구광역시 중구 국채보상로125길 18

닭곱새 (Dak Gob Sae)

If you want to try something new in Daegu, you may visit this place where they serves chicken, gopchang which is pork/beef intestines and shrimps. Mix with rice and side dishes, trust me, it is heaven!
Address : 대구광역시 중구 동성로3길 102

투마리나치킨 (Tumarina Chicken)

Korea is famous for its fried chicken. This fried chicken restaurant fry their chicken differently, you can tell when you taste them. You get different flavours and so crispy you will get addicted to them.
Address : 대구광역시 중구 중앙대로81길 35


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