You can enjoy at Korean oriental medicine market as well!

This 350-year-old traditional medicine market in Daegu  is not only famous for its medicinal herbs but they also produce and sell their own herbs ! Gyeongsangbuk-do, next to Daegu, is still a region with the most Korean medicinal materials and these herbs will be sold in the Daegu Yangnyeong market.

The shops which were founded at the time, their traces are still here, standing still.
There are more than 170 shops that sell medicinal herbs from regions all around Daegu.

In Yangnyeong market, Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine (대구약령시한의약박물관) is free to visit, you can enjoy exhibitions and free hanok experience!
If you want to wear hanbok, visit the museum and take some photos!

Do you know there is a coffee shop where you can drink Korean traditional tea and coffee. Have a cup of tea in this cozy cafe and enjoy some quality time with friends.
Also if you like any teas, you can also buy Korean tea bags or Korean medicines here. It is also perfect as souvenirs!

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