Daegu is introduced in Taiwan and Japan variety shows!?

Daegu is famous for its beautiful sightseeing spots, even overseas TV variety shows came to shoot in Daegu!  From October 30th to November 2nd, the production unit of Mr. Player (綜藝玩很大) was invited to take a 4-day shoot in Daegu.
Visited Daegu Seomun Night Market  Apsan Observatory, Dangdang Fried Chicken Theme Park, Sinsaegae Department Store Alive Aquarium, E-world, 83 Tower and other famous tourist attractions ~
In fact, this is not the first time that the “Mr.Player” crew visited Daegu. In the beginning of 2015, they have also came to Daegu as the first city to film in Korea.
So after three years, they came to Seomun Night Market and Daegu’s latest Dangdang Fried Chicken Theme Park and so on~

Another Japanese variety show “Nonstop” has filmed in Daegu as well.
They introduce places like the Taiwanese show and added two new places like the Yangnyeong Market and the Lantern Festival.

The Korean Yangnyeong Market and Lantern Festival is unusal to see in Japan, so you are able to see them all in once in Daegu!  No wonder Japanese people like to travel to Daegu so much~
The effects of TV variety shows gives a great impact on overseas travel demand.
Daegu has been actively promoting with overseas variety shows since February 2015. After the show aired, it has attracted lots of tourists from all over the world!

Come to Daegu on your next Korea trip!


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