Follow us to E-world in Daegu !


This is one of the largest and famous amusement park in Korea, E-world in Daegu!
Other than leading you to explore this amusement park! We are here to tell you the photo spots we love! Hope you love them 🙂

The first photo spot is the colored umbrellas alley! It is right after you go through the main entrance! Colorful umbrellas are hanging in the air, perfect for taking  colorful pictures!
The second spot is the landmark building 83 tower! Here on the tower, you can see the entire Daegu scene with 360 degrees. The night view is also very beautiful!


On the 78th floor of 83 Tower is a restaurant called 83gill, the food here is not only delicious, but the service is also perfect! The most important thing is that here is the revolving restaurant, which is quite romantic if you dine at night!

Daegu’s E-world is a place you can play all day long, plan a day for this park and the tower 83! If you want to visit, book your ticket now! The Starlight Festival has just started!

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