Let’s take the subway and try all 10 Tastes of Daegu!!



Everyone should know that Daegu has a wide variety of foods. The best 10 popular dishes, 10 Tastes of DAEGU!  Today, I am going to bring you with me on the subway to try every taste of Daegu!

Speaking of Daegu, the first thing that comes to mind is the “Gopchang”(beef/pork intestines)? In Daegu, there is a huge alley full of Gopchang restuarant which is called
Anjilang Gopchang Street~

You can get there getting off at the Daegu Subway Line 1 Anjilang Station. Every restuarant is very famous and delicious, no matter which restaurant you pick you won’t regret! Just pick randomly and try Daegu’s Gopchang!

Next! At Banwoldang Station on Line 2, there is a famous restaurant of Daegu Spicy Beef Soup called “진골목식당”(Jin Gol Mok Sik Dang)  and a raw beef restaurant called”왕거미식당”(Wang Geo Mi Sik Dang). Both of these restaurants have been reported by television programmes. They are very famous restaurants! Try them out if you are interested why they were on TV!

Daegu stewed pork ribs in Dong In Dong is must-try! It is very close to Metro Line 1 and is one of the famous food streets in Daegu~

Near the Seongdangmot Station on the Daegu Line 1, you can have super high quality yellow noodles (누른국수) at a decent price at “영래칼국수” (Yeong Rae Kal Guk Su). The noodles here are very fresh and smooth~  You will know why everyone loves it!

Daegu the Paradise of Food! Remember to taste all of this in your next trip to Daegu!


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