Travel alone in Daegu this fall/winter!


Daegu where you can find various street foods and places to enjoy.
Pay attention if you are  planning an autumn/winter trip to Daegu!

You would be lonely traveling alone!
Let me introduce you to Daegu Guesthouse where you can go alone and make friends!
A 10-minute walk from Seomun Market to this  hanok guesthouse!

With the traditional hanok feeling, it feels more special for tourists.  It is a newly built guesthouse, it is neat and clean only opened for one year.

The decorations inside this hanok guesthouse has match the traditional Korean style very much. The hanbok, paper fan and ceramic tea cups have really made the traditional vibes well and subtle.  The outdoor garden on the ground floor is a community living space and cafe facilities with simple drinks and light meals if you feel hungry!

Daegu’s major tourist attractions such as Kim Gwang-seok Street and Palgongsan Mountain. Definitely go there to enjoy the culture of Daegu! And have street snacks in Seomun Market!

Enjoy Hanok’s charm, take a rest in the quiet evening and build good memories in Seomun Guesthouse!

Guesthouse Address: 26, Geun Jang ro- 24gil, Jung-gu, Daegu (대구 중구 큰장로24길 26)
Room for two: 35,000 won (Breakfast included)

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