The most unique building in Daegu


Are you surprised there is an architecture looks like that in Daegu?
This unique building is called The ARC. This cultural center has 4 different culture halls which represents four rivers including the Hangang, Geumgang, Yeongsangang, and Nakdonggang. This is a space where visitors can experience various theme exhibitions under the theme ‘water’.

Inside The Arc, there are three floors, from ground floor to second basement. Inside, you can see various exhibitions about rivers and water. Also, there is a sculpture called ‘Greeting Man’ on display. You will see lots of photos on social media.



There is a variety of activities in the outdoor area where you can see the building The Arc s at a glance. Among them, the first is Barocart. It’s a fun experience for many tourists as you can ride in a small cart and enjoy the environment outside The Arc with a cool breeze.


Lastly, the building looks very different than daytime. If you view from the hill, The Arc will turn into a painting like scene. Also, it is a popular tourist, they love to take photographs with The Arc as the background.


The Arc is the pride of Daegu! Start your trip with The Arc if by any chance you travel in Daegu!


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