Study in Daegu! Which university will you choose?

Daegu is a city where famous for textile fashion and  high-technology science.
Let me tell you more about Daegu’s Education aspect as well!  There are 830 educational institutions in Daegu. Among them, let me introduce you these four famous universities :
Kyungpook National University,
Youngnam University,
Keimyung University,
Daegu Kyungbuk Science and Technology Institute.

First of all, a National University, Kyungpook National University’s Humanities and Social Sciences field came first in Korea on the 2018 Leiden Ranking. It is a prestigious university that was ranked as the number one in Korea. Not only  humanities and social science, there are various education degree courses, such as  Nature science, Engineering, IT, Fine Arts and so on.


Yeungnam University is a private university that leads the education of the Yeungnam region. Yeungnam University Medical School and Medical University both are located in Daegu where they are responsible to take care the health of the citizens of Daegu. Youngnam University is a liberal arts department. The university consists of 18 colleges including Liberal Arts, Science, Engineering, Medicine and other various options of degrees

Keimyung University which started as Jejungwon (the first western-style national hospital) in 1899, is one of the most prestigious universities in Korea.
This university is excellent enough to be selected as a private university that teaches well Educational studies. Also, it is a international school with 1,000 foreign students including exchange students.



Lastly, the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) is a symbol of advanced science in Daegu. We strive to make students the best scientific experts through step-by-step education with the university, graduate school and research department.

There are many educational institutions in Daegu, except for these four universities, there are nine colleges and one education university.

If you are preparing to study abroad in Korea, Daegu could be another choice for you!

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