Let me bring you on a tour to HOT cafes in Daegu!

There are so many pretty cafes in Daegu, Koreans love their coffee culture! Let me introduce the best cafes in the area!


★Café Encore

You will meet their Shiba named Ankō in this cafe!

This is a Bean Paste butter bread they call it Ang Butter (앙버터) which is very popular in Korea! Try it out with fresh fruits!



Monthly Table 
The cake is so adorable, looks so cute that I dont want to eat it !
There aren’t many seats, but it’s a cozy and relaxing cafe.

The cupcakes is one red velvet and the other is chocolate banana.

★café vicolo
This is a cafe near Seomun Hanok Guesthouse! It is quite famous in Daegu!


The atmosphere was great , food and the interior is spacious and simple.
I recommend Honey Butter Toast! It’s crispy on the outside, soft in the inside, dip it fresh whipping cream!

★A Plane
The roof top cafe ‘A Plane’, located on Kim Gwang-seok-gil, a famous tourist attraction in Daegu, the cafe is located on the sixth floor of the building.

The interior is stylish with a range of simple colors. The terrace is wide and you can see the city from the rooftop! Rest and feel the coffee culture out of Daegu!

There are more other pretty cafes I want to introduce in Daegu but that’s it for today!
Please look forward to our next cafe tour!

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