VANT36.5 Daegu Cosmetics Factory Adventure!

K- Beauty! The beauty industry in Korea is very popular abroad!!
Daegu is also a city that expands and cultivates the beauty market of the beauty industry!! And everyone should know vant 36.5, which is famous for its cushion compact foundation. Today I am going to take everyone to see its production facility in Daegu!!


It is divided into cosmetics manufacturing rooms, research rooms, offices, etc. according to layers…especially on the first floor where cosmetics are made, and there are also glass windows.




In order to allow people to visit the manufacturing process, this space where you can view the process through the glass window is specially created. This place is where they extract the essential components of oil and water. The place of the emulsification process!


A filling machine that automatically fills a lotion or cosmetic into a container!! Once the filling is complete, it can be packaged~


After that, we can see the circulation goods that we can generally see.


On the 3rd floor, there is also a display room for displaying finished products. Any design packaging or how to take a finished photo can be found here!


The factory is really very clean. I feel that cosmetics are more comfortable to use.
The first time I saw the making process of cosmetics, I really found it very interesting and fun!!If everyone finds it interesting, remember to share the article with friends to see. Thank you˜


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