Follow us to Daegu!



Follow Alice from Taiwan and Ayusi from Japan to Daegu!
Let me tell you about the delicious food and tourist attractions of Daegu.

Alice’s favourite food is the chicken cuckoo. The Ddak Gop Sae which is a dish you can have chicken, gopchang (pig intestines) and shrimp at once. They recommended us to mix the ingredients with rice together to eat like bibimbap.

Next, the food recommended by Ayusi is Daegu honey rice cake. Daegu honey rice cake is a kind of sweets now very popular on TV and social media. Especially, the chewy taste of glutinous rice is a excellent match with the sweet honey sauce.

The famous place that Alice recommended is Daegu Hyangchon Cultural Center. Daegu Hyangchon Cultural Center is a place where you can see the history of Daegu. Especially, you can wear Korean traditional clothes such as old school uniforms and hanbok to take photographs around the site.

Lastly, the attraction that Ayusi recommended is Sincheon. Sincheon is one of the 12 scenic views of Daegu. She saids Sincheon healed her with nature that is not easily seen in the city.

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