Plan your own trip from Daegu to Gyeonju with KTX

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Daegu, the center of Korea! Daegu is located in the center of Korea, so it is easy to go to other cities, especially famous cities such as Gyeongju and Busan. If you use KTX, you can arrive within an hour. How near!
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Gyeongju is a place where Korean history is alive and co-living with Koreans,  cultural relics such as Cheomseongdae, Anapji, etc. lots to learn from. Especially, the night view of Anap lake is the most iconic place!
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If you finish traveling in Gyeongju, you can travel to Daegu by a 20minutes KTX train! Drop by Dongseongro to get some food and shopping!
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Apsan Observatory is also another spot where you can get a good view of Daegu! Either day or night it is where good for visitors to have the best romantic view from!
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The last place to introduce is the modern alley. If Gyeongju is a city that holds the history of Silla, Daegu holds modern history. Here you can experience how the city has changed such as houses and buildings.
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The distance between Daegu and Gyeongju is very close but the characteristics of the city are completely different. Travel to Gyeongju and Daegu this fall/winter!