Why Daegu became the center of fashion! Check out the DTC Textile Museum!

Daegu is known as the city of fashion in Korea, let me introduce Daegu’s fashion trends and  DTC (Textile Museum) !


DTC’s have three exhibition halls: Fashion, Industry and Future. Each exhibition hall has a different exhibition with a particular theme. There are various exhibitions of the theme. You can enjoy fashion and industry through hands-on experiences.


First of all, the Fashion Hall is a special place where you can learn about the modern history of fashion,  designers garments and sculptures are also shown. You can feel the strong atmosphere of the fashion history and art at the same time.


The following exhibition hall is the Industry Hall. Introducing from the process of developing traditional textile industries into modern textile industries.It is a space where you can experience the principles of textile materials and machines, how modern technology also helped the textile industry.


Last but not least, Future Hall is the most suitable space for high-tech science and textile city Daegu. It is a place where you can play games with this ‘Equalizer T-shirt’ that responds to sound and will make your museum experience great! Lots of the garments are made of high-tech textiles which is captivating.


Here we had talked about the major fashion and exhibitions in DTC Textile Museum in Daegu due to the development of the textile industry.  It shows the history of Daegu, where clothes were produced and naturally grew into a city of fashion. Anyone who wants to know about the Korean textile industry, and anyone who wants to know about the transit fashion, why not have a visit at DTC Textile Museum in Daegu!

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