Popularizing Electric Cars in Daegu

As the electric car industry is growing faster around the world,  Daegu in Korea is the leading electric vehicle city with much effort to expand its distribution and infrastructure.

When you travel to Daegu, you are able to see electric car chargers everywhere.
The place that comes to mind when you mention electric car production plant must be Daegu! In order to popularise electric cars, production line of electric cars are indispensable.

Among them,  Zein Motors which is the first Korean company to produce electric vehicles. The place is super huge. Lots of electric cars are being manufactured here.

It is said to be the first one-ton electric car is made in Daegu and cars for delivery company (Lotte Global Jigs).

One ton electric car named Calmato! In Italian music, it means quiet. It has no noise literally as its name. When delivery between streets and alleys, it is better to be quiet and clean, right?

This is how you charge a electric car! All the production processes are not shown to public but you are able to see how many electric cars were being produced.

The city of Daegu aims at 50,000 electric cars in the future! Not only Calmato from Zein Motors but more different brands and styles!  Lets work hard for our environment!

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