Global Tax Refund in Daegu!

If you love shopping in Korea, do not miss this post about Tax Refund!
Remember all this symbols where shops can refund taxes in Daegu!



If you purchase up to 30,000won at once, you can able to refund tax. There are few ways to get taxes refund in Korea. Some department stores will refund taxes at their customer service counters and return money right away. Remember get your receipts and passport ready!

If it is not tax refund immediately, you will receive a tax refund form with an envelope where you have to fill in the form and hand them all in once before your departure in the airport.


In Daegu or other cities in Korea, Global tax refund signs like these are shown to let you know they are a tax refund shop. So popular shops like 8seconds, Olive young and supermarkets, they are all global tax refund. If you purchase up to 30,000won! Dont forget to apply for tax refund to get your money back 😉


Hope you will have a great shopping experience in Daegu!

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