2018 Daegu Intl Body Painting Festival!

Somebody saids.’The most beautiful line in the world is the curves of the human body.’ This year’s Daegu International Bardiping Festival paints beautiful bodies with different patterns and colors.

Body Painting Festival was first held in 2008 and has been held for 11 years this year. In this festival, 56 teams from 14 countries, including the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom, and 150 artists and models from around the world have participated.


Instead of just looking at models getting body painted, you can also experience it for free! There are lots of experiences to join and play with, face painting and making dreamcatchers and accessories are all welcome at the venue!

Visitors could not stop looking at the models who being painted with different patterns all over their body. So unique as pieces of artworks.

As the performance begins, models attracted the audience various performances.
Super captivated by 33 teams of  body painting models and 23 teams with fantasy makeup on.

The 2018 Daegu International Barding Festival offered a wide variety of things to see and enjoy. It is one of the best festivals Daegu. What other festivals are waiting for you in Daegu?

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