Remember how hot Daegu was last summer?

These were the ways people in Daegu fight with the heat!

Every summer, Koreans love to enjoy the season with horror activities, such as going to horror movies and haunted houses. Every summer, ’Daegu International Horror Festival’ is held to let people get away with the weather of DAEFRICA!  Run away from the vampires or get dressed as vampires! If you missed this year’s event, get to next year’s Horror festival with your friends!

Beomeo Art Street where located on Daegu’s Metro Line 2. Huge wall arts and installations have made the ordinary metro station looked special. Free exhibitions and events will be held along the station. Get your cameras ready~ There will be a ‘Variation in Space’ exhibition until the end of October. Feel free to get by and enjoy the flea markets as well!

Cooling fog sprinklers will be found at many places in the city: Dongdaegu Station, Kim Gwangseok Road, as well as the 3.1 Movement monument park, there are fog sprinklers to cool Daegu’s heat.

Remember if you could not hide from the heat, then enjoy it!

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