Why is Daegu the first city in Korea that uses the most electric cars?

In this decade, the usage of electric cars is growing fast globally. And in Korea, the demand of electric cars has also grown rapidly.
Comparing to the year before, the number of Daegu’s electric vehicle registration has increased by 6 times. 2005 electric cars were registered in last December and it had only  344 cars registered in December 2016. Daegu has the most rapid increase out of 17 metropolitan cities in Korea.

Why there is such a rapid increase on electric cars in Daegu?
Because Daegu government has been focusing on the law ‘Popularize electric vehicles and expand policies’ and made it to be the first city full of electric vehicles. When using electric cars, highway fees will be discounted and free on some highways. That is one of the reasons why many people are using electric cars.


If you have been in Daegu, you definitely saw these charging stations for cars can be seen in a lot of places.  Even Daegu has a electric cars charging control center!


Not only just being the city of most registered electric cars, Daegu has been trying to produce them as well. They are testing their prototypes of electric cars and estimated that 500 cars will be sold within this year. Electric cars made in Daegu will be launched soon!


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