Travel to Korea: Daegu 2 Days 1 Night Tour

When foreign tourists visit Korea, Seoul and Busan are the popular places where tourists travel. But actually Daegu also has lots of foods and places to explore! Let me introduce you this 2 Days 1 Night Tour in Daegu! 

On the first day morning, after you arrive Daegu, get to Daegu Modern Culture Streets!
If you search about this place on the map, it might be quite scattered and seems to be difficult to visit but if you go there in person, it is fun to explore!

First of all, you got to go to eat one of the top 10 foods of Daegu at the herbal medicine wholesale market, it is called Ddalo Rice Soup.

Here, you can choose noodles or rice and there’s also a pumpkin-sliced crepe that’s really delicious, have a try !

After the meal, go to a small market for digestion! By inhaling the smell of herbal medicine might make you feel healthy too hahaha

At the market, there is Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine which is free entry, have a look to get to know more about Korean herbal medicine! There are many exhibitions to visit and oriental medicine programs to experience more.

There is a free hanbok experience! Get your favourite hanbok and photographs taken!

After all the walking, let’s get to a cafe and rest our legs!
There is a famous cafe street  nearyby the Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral.

After your coffee, cross the street in front of the Cathedral, go straight to the 3.1 Mansae Movement Road. This is also a place that appear in a famous drama, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” which ended recently.

Also, there is a popular photo studio called “Geotgil Photo studio” which literally mean Flower Road Photo Studio, where you can wear Korean traditional clothes next to the 3.1 Mansae Movement Road. There are various designs on each garments and items such as jacket, skirt, shoes, you might spend more time and enjoy yourself here!

Wear your Korean traditional outfit and get some photograph taken!

Next! Will be the MyeongDong of Daegu called Dongsong Road. Let’s do some shopping! It has lots of Korean makeup brands, clothes, shoes, assessories with a lower price comparing to Seoul!  And get into one of the restaurants nearby to call it a day~ 

On the Next morning! Let’s start at Kim Gwang Seok Road! With all the wall paintings, busking performances, get into a cafe to have brunch! 

After a nice brunch, let’s go to somewhere exciting! E-world!  We are not going to get on the roller coasters but to go to Daegu’s landmark – 83 Tower! If you are brave enough, there is a sky jump challenge waiting for you!  83 Tower is where you can see Daegu ‘s city view, you can get by at night to see the city lights 🙂 

For dinner, you have to go to Seomun Night Market!  There is lots of street foods and dishes to enjoy, even Daegu’s famous dish of GalBiJjim – which is steamed beef ribs.


Get around Korea by KTW or express bus! It is comfortable and user friendly!
You have places in mind to go to on your next trip to Daegu, right? 

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