What to do in an emergency when you are in Daegu?

Just in case (touchwood) you got a bad headache, too much spicy foods when you are traveling Korea or get into a dangerous situation unfortunately, here are the emergency contacts for you.

When there is an emergency, call 112 for POLICE emergency or 119 for FIRE emergency.
There is translation services, so please do not hesitate to call.


If you got lost on your way to somewhere and no one around could help you. Call 1330 to the Tourism  Information Center. It is a 24 hour helpline with different languages to provide you the correct information to travel smooth in Korea. Not only for tourism, they can help you to contact the Ministry of Justice or the National Emergency Management Agency to solve your problems.


List of 10 pharmacies (Name and Address)

  • 대하약국 Dae Ha Pharmacy
    중구 중앙대로 447-1
  • 참사랑약국 Cham Sa Rang Pharmacy
    동구 동촌로 225
  • 경명약국 Gyeong Myeong Pharmacy
    서구 달서천로49길 15
  • 대명동산약국 Dae Myeong Dong San Pharmacy
    남구 명덕로 70
  • 샘물약국 Saem Mul Pharmacy
    남구월배로 468
  • 형우당약국 Hyeong Woo Dang Pharmacy
    북구 팔달로 189
  • 시지광장약국 Si Ji Gwang Jang Pharmacy
    수성구 달구벌대로 3196
  • 신애약국 Sin Ae Pharmacy
    달서구 월배로 14
  • 솥밭약국 Sot Bat Pharmacy
    달서구 달구벌대로 1800
  • 중앙약국 Jong Ang Pharmacy
    달성군 논공읍 논공로 747


If you catch a cold, sore throat, cough with running nose, get to your nearest pharmacy to some meds. Daegu has 365 Pharmacies and Sim Ya Pharmacies (심야약국) which meet late night pharmacies. They both open everyday with no holidays.
Opening Times
365 Pharmacies : 9AM -8PM
24H Pharmacies : 10PM -6AM


If you do not get well or even worse, get to any hospital where they will have foreigner services with different languages to help. Internal Medicine Clinics, Gynecology, General Hospitals,etc can help. Just in case, please check beforehand which hospital near your destination provides foreigner services.

Hope you enjoy your trip in Korea with this emergency info pack. 


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