Make your own Edible Korean Traditional Cosmetics in Daegu!

In Daegu, there is a workshop teaches you to make your own korean traditional medicine cosmetics. Let’s dig in !

Korean traditional medicine is actually came from Chinese Medicine way back decades ago. Think of it is a oriental medicine in Korea. In Korea, lots of places sell Korean oriental medicine, from ginseng chicken soups full of garlic to yuzu and corn silk tea, these are actually from the orient.
You can experience this Korean oriental cosmetics workshop in Daegu now! Let me introduce you how did we made our own cosmetics!

There are different workshop you may join:

  • Face Mask
  • Shampoo & Soap
  • Soap & Face Mask
  • Shampoo & Face Mask

This time, I tried making Soap & Face Masks. Let me show you the steps!


First put the Korean oriental medicine extracts into the little pot.
Add in shea butter and natural honey.
Warm it up until the mixture melts.


Add it your choice of glycerin and Korean oriental medicine extracts! Mix it well.

Then add in your choice of essential oil then slowly pour into the soap mold.


When waiting the mixture to curdle, I started to get down with the face mask. Add in the extracts from the Korean medicine with collagen powder and aloe into a glass.


Mix them all up. Then pour the mixture into a face mask bag they provided.  And let the staff to do the sealing.


Wrap up the soap and pack it well.  

The ingredients are all natural, you could have it to be honest.

These steps are easy to follow, doesnt matter if you understand Korean or not, do not hesitate to make your appointment! The workshop fee is 10,000won. More details : ~


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