Travel Daegu with stamp trail!


2018 Daegu Tour Stamp Trail’ is an event to visit tourist attractions in Daegu to collect stamps on your booklet, to provide a more understanding and learning opportunity of Korean tourist attractions in Daegu.

Along this stamp trail, there are total 67 tourist attractions that are easy to find for tourists. As each stamp is located according to the characteristics of each tourist spot, staff from each attraction will stamp your booklet.

Stamp booklets are able to purchase at below locations with a price of 1000won :

Daegu Tourism Information Center (Duryu Park)
Daegu Gyeongbuk Tour Information Center (Daegu Airport, Dongdaegu Station, EXCO), Dongsong-ro Tourism Information Center,
Daegu Station Tourism Information Center
E-world Tourism Information Center
Tourist Information Center

Let me also introduce two fun benefits when you participate this Stamp Tour !

First! Foreign visitors who have collected 10 stamps at 10 locations can visit Dongdaegu Tourist Information Center to exchange a disposable camera! (Just show them your passport and the booklet with 10 stamps on.)

Second! You can also get 10%-40% discount when visiting 6 tourist destinations, Alive Aquarium, E-World, Front Mountain Cable Car, Hillcrest, etc and be sure show them your Stamp Trail brochure. There is also a special event, we will select a person who completed this stamp trail in November and him/her will be gifted a certificate and small gift.

Enjoy Daegu in more a fun way!  Get you brochure and collect all the stamps!

Stamp  Trail : April 2018.~ 31. October 2018
Application after you collected 10 stamps : 1 November 2018- 26 November 2018

Stamp Trail Course

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