Daegu has similar places as Seoul

Under the Namsan Tower, Myeongdong shopping streets that are full of crowds of people. Most of the tourists will think of this as a symbol of Seoul. Daegu has a similar place like Myeongdong.

Comparing Namsan Tower with 83 Tower, let me introduce you the similarities and differences between Daegu and Seoul.

1 (1)83 Tower

‘Dongseong-ro’ is where you will feel like you are in Myeongdong

When you comes to Seoul shopping center, Myeongdong would be the first place you think of!  Daegu has Dongseong-ro where is also the center of fashion in a young and face pace, there are lots of clothes brands that are in lower prices and discounts, lots of restaurants. Keeping the place crowded and lively.

3Seomun Market

  • Korea’s representative market ‘ Seomun Market’

Seoul has Gwangjang Market for foreigners to taste the best of Korean traditional foods! It is a place where people can experience Korean cultures and meet people with food. Seomun Market has lots of things to see and eat, especially at night, the night market is very popular and famous.

4 (1)Palgong Mountain Cable Car

  • Get into the nature with Palgong Mountain Cable Car

Similar to Namsan Tower’s Cable Car, Daegu has her famous Cable Car Ride. Palgong Mountain Cable Car. You can see the breathtaking views of Palgong mountain at one sight!

5 (1)E-world

  • Daegu’s representative theme parl ‘E-world’

If you are a traveller that you must go to theme parks when you go to a new place, this is where you will be ! Just like Seoul’s Lotte World, Daegu has her E-world. Same as all other theme parks, E-world has lots of attractions with restaurants and colourful environment to make to lost in it !

Make sure you get to the above spots next time you are in Daegu!

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