Things just in Daegu but not Seoul!

Daegu Metropolitan City is located between Seoul and Busan, where it links cities around Korea and make Daegu an important city. Here are some special places that you can just find them in Daegu not anywhere in Korea!



Daegu’s Nabjak Mandu (납작만두) which means flat dumplings got a unusual look with delicious taste to it and that is why it got viral on SNS. The flat dumplings are selling 3000won for 1 portion, it got more popular because it is cheap and tasty~




He got remembered and we people made a memorial street for him, Kim Gwang Seok. Located in Jong-gu Dae Bong-dong, as to always keep Daegu’s representative singer, Kim Gwang Seok in mind, this street is created. He is Daegu’s singer-songwriter and got a named ‘Philosopher who sings’. Get around at Kim Gwang Seok Street and feel why Koreans love him so much.




Koreans love to watch horror movies to deal with the heat in summer. As to beat the heat wave, go to the Daegu International Horror Festival! There are ghosthouses and  performances that give you thrills and screams! This year’s event has added a new EDM Party event as well, to get everyone together to dance to the beats! Plan your trip now!
(Daegu International Horror Festival 2-5 August 2018)


These are some places and food to enjoy in Daegu! Get to Daegu to have a different  experience!

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