Have you enjoyed this year’s Chimac Festival in Daegu?

In Daegu, where is famous for its hot summer got even hotter for this year’s Chimac festival which has ended successfully on last weekend. The festival has started from 18 July to 22 July right at the center of Daegu. Especially this year, more foreigners came to the festival compare to the last two years




As we fight fire with fire, this summer Chimac Festival is held in the hottest city in Korea.

During the festival, it has recorded 37 -38C which was the first heat wave hit Korea. But it did not scare people away, they came and have fried chicken with ice cold beers, dance to the music to beat the heat!


It was not a festival only enjoyed by the Koreans, foreigners are seen everywhere at the event. Even at the Chimac Pool where only allowed people who got reservations also attracted lots of people from various countries. From the Chimac Pool to the audience of the music festival. Foreigners came all the way to Daegu!




A Japanese youtuber Wakayan said she came to Daegu because she saw the promotion video of this Chimac Festival on Youtube and also Facebook. She had been to Seoul but not Daegu, she thinks Daegu has lots of delicious food and easy to travel around.

Also a girl from Taiwan who went to Daegu by a direct flight from Taipei said she read from Daegu’s Chinese Facebook Page 韓國大邱市 and get to know about the Chimac festival and got flight tickets to Daegu immediately. Same as Seoul, Daegu has also direct flights from Taipei which is very convenient. She think she will visit Daegu often in the future.



The facilities that help people beat the heat has catch peoples’ attention. ‘Ice Pool’ is a resting cafeteria section filled with ice water for people to get their feet into. The ‘Dry ice’ has created cool milky smoke which attracted people to take cinematic photographs. Also Cooling Fog is everywhere around the tables where people can enjoy their day under the heat.


Under the slogan of ‘Chimac is the new culture’, the festival in Duryu Baseball Stadium had transformed to a Chimac Club.


During the music festival, singers and rappers Dynamic Duo, Microdot, Bewhy, Min Kyunghoon, etc. has performed on stage with the lineup of famous DJs Moon Jun young, Juncoco, DJ Garenz. The audience got excited along the music and turned the stadium into a club.



As to stimulate peoples’ taste buds, there are Mukbangs prepared! At the studio inside Duryu baseball stadium, there are famous BJs from AfreecaTV to live stream ‘Chimac Festival Mukbang’ BJ GotDwaeJi (BJ꽃돼지) and BJ Eom Samyong (BJ엄삼용) has raised 180.000views at the event to promote the Chimac Festival


At the festival, the mascot of the chicken has used on different decorations to create a more fun atmosphere for everyone.

The mascot of the Chimac festival is called ‘Chicken King’ has produced all the merchandise of dolls, hairbands, LED headbands and photo zones all over the event area.


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