Jot down these secret cafés in Daegu!   

When traveling overseas, you may plan to visit the trademarks to fill out your itinerary. It will be more perfect to rest in local cafes with drinks and sweets before your next stop!

In Daegu, there are lots of cafes and interiors where you can’t help but take photographs.
Let’s enjoy an ice latte to start off this café tour!

The first café I want to introduce you is at the Kim Gwang Seok Road, called ‘Gwaenseule’ (괜스레). It was originally a Korean traditional house and turned into a modern café but keeping the traditional elements. The owner has decorated the environment with vintage props, you can enjoy your coffee in the garden area as well which make it special to this café.

Besides the interior, the main menu of Gwaenseule is Grains latte, round cute rice cakes are served on top of the latte. To enjoy this drink, you can dip the rice cake in the cream foam and enjoy the smooth and nutty flavor.

Café Gwaenseule : 대구 중구 달구벌대로 2232-25

The second café Le POULDU (르폴뒤) is more likely a bakery, their breads and cakes are amazing as their coffees! Not only has the blue exterior attracted people, the tarts, cakes, croissants are so delicious that people come all the way to have them again. Café is spacious to carry lots of seats, its’ luxurious interior makes the café looks like a classy apartment. You can eat in or take out, don’t worry! There are loads of spaces to enjoy your time!

As you see the logo of Le POULDU (르폴뒤) is a cartoon of a croissant, their main is croissant! Matcha, chocolate and custard cream with more flavors to choose from. It is an art piece expresses the crispiness and smoothness at the same time!

Café Le POULDU : 대구 중구 동성로1길 26

The final café Aventino (아벤티노) is a rooftop café where you can enjoy the summer night breeze. Although swimming is not possible, there are lots of beach beds where you can lying down under beach umbrellas. Other than coffee, there are beers on their menu. Get an ice cold drink and lay under the beach umbrella!

Café Aventino : 대구 중구 동성로4길 113-11

Next time when you visit Daegu! Don’t just go to trademarks without any of these cafes!

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