Let’s visit the home of BTS, the center of KPOP !

Recently, the seven-member boy group, BTS has their comeback with a full length album and got an award on Billboard. Same as last year, they won the Top Social Media Award! Out of all the popular songs they have performed, there are some Daegu-related songs recorded in their albums such as ‘Born Singer’, ‘Ma City’ and  ‘Satoori Rap (팔도강산)’.

Just in case you are not one of the ARMY (BTS Fanclub name), member Suga and V are actually from Daegu! Now follow me to Daegu and find out these places about the past of these shining stars!


The first stop is ‘Gangbuk High School’ where Suga spent his high school life. As you can see when we arrived, Suga’s juniors were having a soccer training section at the field. When Suga was in high school, I bet he must had lots of fun in this soccer field here!

Between Gangbuk High School and the university nearby, there is an alley full of Korean snacks restaurants and cosmetic shops that you can enjoy an afternoon at. Korean snacks restaurants are the most popular between students, they can enjoy light meals with tasty Tteokbokki and other famous Korean snacks at a lower price. Don’t forget to try out the menu in these restaurants!

Gangbuk High School : 대구광역시 북구 태전로 100          


The second stop is ‘Daegu Jeil High School’ where V graduated. Unfortunately, outsiders are not allowed to visit, we just got photos taken at the entrance. V’s high school is near Daegu city center, bet he always get around in the city when he was in high school!

Daegu Jeil High School : 대구광영식 서구 국채보상로 384

The final stop is DalSeong Park which is the oldest outdoor parks in Daegu. It is located near V’s Daegu Jeil high school. It was the place where V visited when he got a day off and posted selfies with elephants and bears on SNS. The day when we visited the park was a hot summer day, the animals were resting inside under the shadows but we manage to see few cute animals J It is a place best for resting and walking. Don’t forget to take selfie with the elephants that took selfies with V! haha


This is a short introduction about BTS’ high school life in Daegu. I hope you like it! See you in the next blog!

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