East Daegu Terminal, the Best Station Ever

I thought the transportation in Seoul and Busan is the best but East Daegu Complex Terminal Center is actually the heart of Korea’s transportation! Haha!

In Korea, Daegu is in a very important position, it is not only the connection between Seoul and Busan but other famous places such as the traditional markets in Gyeong-ju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, linking to Gyeongsangnam-do Jinju’s Railway. Comparing to other main cities, Daegu is more near to the highways to major tourist cities like Andong, Suncheon, Gwangju. That is why Daegu is the heart of Korea’s transportation.


From now on, I would like to introduce you to the East Daegu Complex Terminal Center. If you are planning a trip to Korea and traveling places other than Seoul.

Don’t think you should miss out!

East Daegu Complex Terminal Center can be divided into two main areas, DongDaegu Station and DongDaegu Bus Terminal. (Dong means East in Korean) To this day, Dongdaegu Station (KTX) is still very famous linking Seoul and Busan. It takes about 1 hour 50 minutes from Seoul and 50 minutes from Busan. To get to cities like Gyeongju, Pohang, Ulsan, Masan or Jinju, you can take the KTX, Mungunghwa Train or ITX Saemauel Train from DongDaegu Station.


Besides, express buses are available outside the station. If you walk out of the southern gate of Dongdaegu Station, you will see Dongdaegu Bus Terminal which links with Shinsegae Department Store. You can travel any where in Korea in a bus right away., walk from the southern gate of Dongdaegu Station and pass through the tourist information center to get to the terminal entrance. Be sure to use this gate to not get lost in the complex and crowded building.


From here, you can travel to most places in Korea, including Seoul, Gangwon Province, Chungcheong Province, Jeolla Province, and Gyeongsang Province. It is very important to know details like departing/ arriving times and remember to reserve seats for your destination. You can reserve seats from the website or in mobile application, there is foreign languages and you can pay with credit cards.

Integrated Express Bus Wesite: www.kobus.co.kr

Bus tickets can also be purchased at the bus terminal. Two different ways, one is to go to the ticket booths, tell the staff your destination and time. Two, if you are not confident with your Korean, there are ticket machines to help, choose your language then get your ticket.


If you are traveling in Korea, Daegu Complex Terminal is very convenience for transportation. Especially, it is common for tourists to enter Korea through Daegu International Airport or for those who want to travel to various provinces through Seoul. Daegu also has the world-class franchise hotels such as Novotel and Interbulgo, no need to worry about where to stay in Daegu!


If you visit Korea next time, it would be good to prepare for a trip to various cities using East Daegu Complex Terminal Center as your terminal !

I hope you enjoy Daegu with me !

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