Let’s take a K-travel bus from Seoul to Daegu!

Only for Foreigners! A bus tour from Seoul to Daegu for 2 Days 1 Night !

Last April, Daegu, Korea’s inland metropolitan city, has started to operate K-travel bus tour. It is a special bus tour serve mainly foreign tourists and is a collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It is a two-day regional tour package that encourages foreigners to visit different parts of Korea.


This year 7 routes from Seoul, to Daegu, Incheon, Gangwon, South Jeolla, North Gyeongsang, Changwon and North Chungcheong Province, has started operating.

From Seoul to Daegu  operates once a week (2 Days 1 Night, From Thursday to Friday) from April to December.

First day : Seomun Market – KimGwangSeok Road – Yang Nyeong Museum (Foot Bath Experience) – DongSeong-ro Tour.
Second day :  Donghwa Temple – Mountain Palgong Cable Car – Gooam Palm Stay (Fruit Harvest and Drive Tractor Experience) – Back to Seoul


K-travel bus is a convenient and safe tour that provides transportation, accommodation, experience and guidance for foreigners who want to travel in other local areas apart from Seoul.

K-travel bus tours can be booked through the official website. The official page offers English, Japanese, traditional and simplified Chinese services. The standard price is USD$185. (It includes 1 night stay in a 4-star hotel, professional tour guide, transportation, admission fees, experience fees, breakfast and lunch.) For more information on travel items, please visit our website.


If you have any questions about Daegu, you can check Daegu’s Facebook for additional information or send them a message 🙂




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